Nasire pieces are made to last. Treat this piece with love just as you would treat any beloved person – it’ll stay with you forever.

Please remember that leather is a natural product and that it will gain on beauty with a patina evolving over long years of wear and use. For ecological reasons we reduce the use of chrome as far as possible during the tanning process which can cause the leather to change its colour after long exposure to the sun.

Colours may transfer onto clothes when using our pieces for the first couple of times. The stains will easily disappear when washed. To ensure that your bag will bring you long lasting joy please follow these care instructions: Use a damp cloth to clean dust or stains on pieces made of smooth leather. You can use a leather care product to keep it soft and flexible. Rough up stained nubuck leather with a nubuck sponge as oils and creams will stain the nubuck leather.